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Pompano Services LLC Provides complete Gutter Cover Protection, Sales, Installation, Service and maintenance.

Don't let your gutters clog your mind every spring and fall. Keep your mind and gutters clog free with Pompano's gutter cover protection system.

We Provide Gutter Cover Protection to Residential Homes, Home Owner Associations, Condominium Associations, Property Management Companies and Realtors.

Our Gutter Cover Protection system keeps Leaves & Debris out of your gutters.
You can rest assure that your gutter system will remain clog free.

Installing our gutter cover protection system combined with our gutter cover maintenance program you never have to worry your clogged gutters again.

Pompano Services will not just sell you gutter covers to make a sale.
We will come to your home and evaluate the gutter system, taking into account your homes surroundings,
type and amount of trees near and around the home, to determine if a gutter cover protection system is right for you.
If we determine that gutter covers are not a right fit for your home, we will then discuss other plans available.
Pompano Services offers maintenance plans that give you the same high quality protection, if not better, then gutter covers.
Our maintenance plans are designed to keep your gutters and your mind free of clutter

We Offer Contactless Estimates.
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We Come to Your Home and Evaluate its Surroundings. We then Measure Your Home and Leave You a Sample Cover to Examine.

Then Our Office Will Put Together an Estimate. When You Receive the Estimate Please Review it.
If You Have any Questions or Concerns Contact Us to Discuss.
If You are Happy with the Estimate and Accept it, We Will Schedule an Appointment. It's That Simple!

Gutter Cover Protection Information

*USA made Aluminum Gutter Covers


* Install 5" Gutter Guards. (also available in 6”)

*Cannot be seen from the ground

*Does NOT void roof warranties

*Does NOT install under roofing shingles

*Covers never have to removed they become a permanent part of your gutter system

*Each cover is installed allowing easy access points for interior cleaning.

*Adds years of life to your gutter system

NOTE: No gutter cover or gutter guard on the market is maintenance free.
Meaning that the covers themselves along with the inside of the gutters will have to be cleaned
periodically to keep them working at optimal performance.

*Colors: White, Brown, Black Thaw, Aluminum

Gutter Cover Style and Colors

Gutter Cover Pre Prep & Installation

* Clean entire gutter system.

* Recaulk gutters, removing old caulk first and applying new where necessary.

* Secure and tighten any lose hardware and brackets.

* Repitch gutters where necessary.

* Install gutter covers with stainless steel fasteners.


*Tops of covers need to be cleaned regularly; Covers should be checked periodically to see if leaves, sticks or other debris have gotten hung up on the edges. We do recommend an exterior cleaning once every 2 years and a full interior cleaning every 5 years.

*First years inspection to clean off tops of Gutter Covers is covered under the installation, as well as inspecting the downspouts

*You will have the option of letting us maintain them for you by scheduling an inspection every two years and cleaning top of covers and downspouts, for which there will be a minimal charge

*If any repairs or cleaning is required to the gutters, that work will be billed accordingly.

*Your first inspection will be about a year after installation. We will mark our calendar accordingly.

See Our Actual Covers & Installation Below
Gutter Covers CT Our Installations

Gutter Repair Service

Our gutter repair services include:
Caulking Gutter Seams & Joints
Installing New Downspouts
Install New Elbows and Brackets
installing new drip edges
Reroute gutters away from foundations
in order to alleviate standing water
Replace old gutter spike nails with modern gutter hangers.


Pompano Services is NOT and CANNOT be responsible for any water problems or leaks, snow accumulation on covers, hanging icicles and ice damming, which can occur with or without gutter covers.
Prior to the purchase of gutter covers, the customer will be made aware of the possible causes of installing gutter covers which would be; snow accumulation on covers, possible hanging icicles which could happen with or without covers; ice dams (ice damming is not always related to gutters or covers).If a home is experiencing ice damming, it is typically the result of poor attic insulation. A home with asphalt shingles will have ice dams even without gutters/guards. It is important to properly insulate the home before looking at your guards as the cause for ice damming. We are not and cannot be responsible for any water or other damages occurring as a result of the installation of gutter covers. If a cover is damaged we will replace that cover. If you want, we will clean and maintain the top of the gutter covers on a regular basis. The first year’s cleaning is included in the price of the installation of the covers. If any repairs or cleaning are required to the gutters, that work will be billed accordingly.

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