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Pompano Services LLC Provides complete window cleaning, window washing and maintenance services.

We provide services to Residential Homes, Commercial Businesses, Store Fronts, Schools, Home Owner Associations,
Condominium Associations, Property Management Companies, Realtors and More.

Window Cleaning Services

Pompano Services thorough window washing process leaves your windows sparkling clean,
allowing you to enjoy the beautiful views your home, office or store has to offer!
We hand wash every window then squeegee it dry. We then clean your window frames and sills.
We are specialists in cleaning all types of windows inside and out, using the best professional grade tools
to provide the best service, efficiently and safely

Clean windows allow you to enjoy the beautiful views of nature, the beautiful spring flowers, the vivid green grass,
the birds flying, the squirrels playing, the magic of Jack Frost and the winter snow, among other things

Regular Window Maintenance Helps Reduce Allergens: Washing windows and cleaning windowsills greatly reduces
the allergen impacts and the effects they have on your families health and well being.

Allergen Reactions include:
Coughing & Sneezing
Runny Nose
Trouble Breathing

Mold Prevention is also a concern and a regular Window Washing Maintenance Program will greatly reduce mold growth.
Mold thrives in moist warm places. Your windows, at times, may develop condensation. This condensation on your windows
and windowsills can create an atmosphere that the mold needs to grow and thrive on. The signs of mold growth are
dark black or brown spotting and stains on your windowsills, frames, seals and even on the glass.
Mold can and will cause respiratory infections. If you suspect you have mold growth on your windows call us for a cleaning.
We will remove and kill the mold and clean your windows.

Bug Control. Window frames are notorious for bugs. Bugs, such as spiders, flies and bees, love to nest in window frames and tracks.
Window frames make the perfect home for bugs by providing heat, shelter and food.

Window Cleaning Services

* Interior/Exterior

* Interior

* Exterior

*Residential, Commercial, Store Fronts

*Standard Windows

*Storm Windows

*Sliding Doors and Skylights

*French Doors

*Jalousies and Crank Out Windows

*Screen Cleaning and Repair

*Double Hung

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