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Roof Cleaning / Roof Washing.

Safe Non Pressure Roof Cleaning

Is your roof covered with black streaks and stains?
If your roof is covered with black streaks and stains it is not a sign
that the roof is worn out or needs replacing.

The stains are caused by Algae called "Gloeocapsa Magma"
that is growing on the shingles.
Those black streaks and stains have caused a large number of homeowners
to spend thousands of dollars having their roof replaced.
Pompano Services LLC can safely remove those black streaks and stains,
along with mold, mildew and dirt using our No Pressure Roof Cleaning Techniques

A roof is the largest single surface area of your home and when covered with black
stains, algae, moss or lichens, can single handedly destroy the beauty, elegance and curb appeal
of your beautiful home.
Your lawn can look perfect, your flowers bright and beautiful, your windows sparking and your homes siding clean
but no matter how clean everything else looks, that dark algae and roof staining becomes the main focus
of everyone's attention. A hardy type of blue-green algae called Gloeocapsa Magma typically causes roof stains.
It literally takes only one algae spore to land on your roofing shingles and take a hold.
From there, the growth spreads and the spread is continuous until your entire roof is covered

The most important thing is that the problem is not just cosmetic. Roof algae is a living organism
that continues to live and spread by feeding off the limestone filler in your roofing shingles and the moisture
that exists on top of them. These shingle granules are vital to the health of your roof and home because they deflect UV rays
and heat away from your roof surface. If these granules are gone or covered with algae you will have a hotter attic
and higher air conditioning bills. You don't have to replace a dirty roof you just have to clean it.
br Pompano Services LLC perfected roof cleaning techniques and expert knowledge will safely and efficiently
clean your roof without damaging your roofing shingles. Pompano Services LLC does not use high pressure to clean your roof.
We apply a cleaning solution, wash and lightly rinse away the algae, moss and lichens and the stains they leave behind. Additionally,
every one of our roof washes comes with the Pompano Services 100% Guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why do I have black stains and streaks on my roof?

Answer: The black stains and streaks are caused by Algae called Gloeocapsa Magma.
As it grows it will spread across your roof and then spread to adjacent homes carried
by wind. This is why you see it on so many roofs in the same area.

There are 3 components which initialize growth of Gloeocapsa Maga
they are Moisture, Heat and nutrients. Gloeocapsa Magma feeds on limestone fillers which
are found in asphalt shingles. As it feeds, it grows and spreads from roof
to roof in any infected neighborhood.
Black streaks and stains normally appear on the north facing slope or shaded
areas of the roof where the lack of sun supports growth.

Question: Will the Algae or "Gloeocapsa Maga" damage my roof?

Answer: Yes if left there to grow it will spread across your roof
turning it black and begin eating away at the shingles. As it eats,
it loosens the protective layer of surface granules which play a key role
in the solar reflectivity. The loss of the asphalt granules will cause the roof
to heat up quicker on a sunny day. While this might be fine in the winter months
it can be a source of a much higher electric bill in the spring and summer
as your air conditioner struggles to keep the house cooler.

Question: Can my roof be cleaned?

Answer: Most definitely! We can remove those stains from the roof using
only ARMA (Asphalt Roofing Manufacturer's Association) methods.

Question: Will your cleaners harm my plant, shrubs or grass?

Answer: Every precaution is taken to prevent any damage to plants, shrubs
and grass.
We have a man on ground level throughout the entire job responsible for keeping
everything watered down in case of overspray etc. It is very rare
that we have a problem but it is not impossible.
We also cover possible trouble areas with tarps in advance.
The key is rinse, rinse and rinse again from the beginning of the job till
the end of the job.

Question: Can you clean only the side of my roof that has the black stains and streaks?

Answer: Yes. We can clean front, back or sides or we can clean the whole roof.

Question: Can you guarantee that all the stains will be removed?

Answer: We will do our best to get your roof clean, however
like in cleaning anything that is out in the elements, there may be some stains
that will not be removed, the area will be cleaned but a stain spot may remain.
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